Innovative concept of cleaning devices based on a modular, i.e. Lego system.

Individual Approach.

Depending on your needs our team of experts creates a custom designed optimal comprehensive solution. Design is adapted to the quantity and desired quality of drinking, surface, bathing, technological water and various types of wastewater.

We take over the installation and commissioning of the Water4Future plant. At your request, we take over the management/maintenance of the device. Unit is fully automated.

MBR filtration

Different membrane types.

Clean water

Suitable for drinking and technological/industrial water conditioning

Low costs

Operation and maintenance.

Treatment plants are based on the membrane filtration, available in combination with adsorption, chemical oxidation and disinfection treatment.

Different membrane types

Reverse osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration - can be combined with adsorption, chemical oxidation, disinfection process

Efficient removing of pollutants

from drinking, surface, bathing, technological, leachate water as well as cleaning of various industrial wastewater (from chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paper, textile, metallurgic, etc. industry)

Suitable for drinking and technological/industrial water conditioning
Excellent quality of treated water
Remote monitoring, control system and simple handling
Cost efficient operation and maintenance
Available as mobile modular unit
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