Finding environmentally friendly innovative solutions to create higher quality of life.

Vision - mission - goal

About the company

IOS was established in December 2006 under the leadership of prof. dr. Aleksandra Lobnik. The goal and vision of merging science and economy led to cooperation of highly educated employees who began to walk a path of broadening knowledge in finding new innovative solutions in the field of environmental protection, sensors, nanomaterials and textiles. The path was imbued with many innovation and research projects in the national and international consortiums. Since the beginning of the Institute, we expanded our team, increased incomes and created our own research environment that offers even more space for development, and we are hoping to create our own productive line in near future. 4 modern laboratories are highly equipped and are in the same building as the seat of the company. We are also renting a productive hall where we have the reactors for creating secondary raw materials from waste textiles and plastic.

In last couple of years, the company is prioritizing creating final innovative products that were developing since the beginning of Institute’s birth.

The main focus of the company has not changed since it opened its doors in 2006: »Constant gaining and disposing of new knowledge and applicate it to the economy market«.

Vision and

In the next few years, we want to focus the company on the sale of innovative niche solutions that we have developed so far and become a recognizable provider in individual sectors in the global market. Finding environmentally friendly innovative solutions to create higher quality of life.

The mission of IOS is cooperation between technical and natural science disciplines. Most of our employees are young people. This is a generation that has begun to take responsibility and be aware of environmental concerns. This is also the motivation that drives our employees to innovations that contribute to sustainable solutions. Our products are a response to the challenges facing the company and at the same time represents the direction in which we must tread as individuals.


Company IOS as a business partner with a strong motivation and dedication associated to the creation of sustainable partnerships and relationships. The commitment that we have created in us, is the one that also demonstrate to our customers and partners. We believe that our innovation is a major contribution to the improvement and awareness of sustainable development.


On Wednesday, November 14th, 2017, on the occasion of the awarding of the Environmental prizes, announced by company Saubermacher, Prof. dr. Aleksandra Lobnik (as mentor) and dr. Aljoša Košak (as co-mentor) were awarded by “Saubermacher Environmental Award 2017, for leading the best thesis master’s degree in the field of environmental protection.  Mateja Potocnik, a student of Environmental Engineering, from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor, took the 1stplace for the master thesis entitled: “Preparation and characterization of new adsorption materials for the removal of oil from the water”.

Team IOS


Prof. Aleksandra Lobnik



Andreja Gutmaher, PhD

project leader


Aleš Čuješ

Sales & Marketing


Luka Popović, MSc

Head of Dpt. Sensors


Mojca Poberžnik, PhD

Head of Dpt. Environmental protection


Aljaž Klasinc, BSc

Head of Dpt. new product development

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