Advanced technological solutions.

In the field of environmental protection, we combine knowledge from ecology and engineering with an emphasis on the topic of clean water.
We develop technological concepts and equipment for custom made solutions.


Research and development company

Company IOS as a business partner with a strong motivation and dedication associated to the creation of sustainable partnerships and relationships. The commitment that we have created in us, is the one that also demonstrate to our customers and partners. We believe that our innovation is a major contribution to the improvement and awareness of sustainable development.

Antibacterial Sanitizers

Own development and production

70% etanol

Destroy bacteria and viruses

Glycerin supplement

It keeps the skin gently


Selected products

Pilot Plant - Resyntex

Resyntex DEMO PILOT PLANT is product of EU project Resyntex that ended in 2019 and is based in Maribor, Slovenia. Project included principles of circular economy through new waste collection paradigms. We are performing an optimization of recycling processes of textile waste (cotton, wool, PET, PA and mixtures). We are in the process of upgrading to recycling of plastic and paper packing. PET depolymerization of plastic and textile waste is ready to jump on the market while cellulose and PA recycling technology is still in the process of optimization.
DEMO pilot plant is meant for recycling textiles and plastic waste, and it contains two high-pressure and high-temperature reactors and another reactor for enigmatic decomposition, extruder and software for dose system for chemicals, crusher and so on.
Benefits from DEMO pilot plant:
- Non-wearable textile waste can become a valuable source for new chemical feedstock
- Improve standards for efficient industrial symbioses with new business models in circular economy


MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) differentiates from other conventional methods of cleaning water especially because of the quality of water, applicable for reuse as sanitary water. Secondly, it has the ability of remote operating, control system and simple handling, which makes the costs of maintenance lower. MBR is also suitable for cleaning of municipal and industrial wastewater. We offer Mobile Modular Water(R)euse concept that enables wastewater treatment in sub-urban/remote areas, regions such as individual households, remote settlings and hotels, desserts, mountain huts, islands, etc. Each potential buyer is treated individually, we customize the approach depending on your needs and try to find the most optimized solution. We help you build and manage the machine, and on your request, we also take care over the management/maintenance of the device.

StaySafe Sanitizers

StaySafe is a product based on an idea of researchers in company in the time of proclamation of COVID-19 pandemic and consequently a deficiency of disinfectants was huge. In the beginning the employees produced disinfectants for their own use and quickly the idea of a bigger production for helping fight against COVID-19 pandemic was born. The production started and StaySafe is now based on 70 % of ethanol which ensures destruction of bacteria and viruses on hands and surfaces. All the ingredients are certificated, including skin-care ingredient glycerine which helps providing soft skin on hands and does not cause any allergies. Product is dermatologically tested; it gained 3 different certificates and can be bought in different sizes and packages.


Ethanol Inactivation of Enveloped Viruses

Ever wondered how ethanol inactivates enveloped viruses such as coronaviruses? Using spectroscopy, scattering, electron microscopy and bio-assays, biocolloids demonstrates structural transformation in the virus envelope leading...

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Molecular mimicry at play

Mercury is a global pollutant in which methylmercury (MeHg) is the most notorious of all other chemical species. MeHg, after entering the bloodstream, binds to...

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COMPANY vison & mission

Finding environmentally friendly innovative solutions to create higher quality of life.

In the next few years, we want to focus the company on the sale of innovative niche solutions that we have developed so far and become a recognizable provider in individual sectors in the global market. Finding environmentally friendly innovative solutions to create higher quality of life.

The mission of IOS is cooperation between technical and natural science disciplines. Most of our employees are young people. This is a generation that has begun to take responsibility and be aware of environmental concerns. This is also the motivation that drives our employees to innovations that contribute to sustainable solutions. Our products are a response to the challenges facing the company and at the same time represents the direction in which we must tread as individuals.

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