IOS has been focusing on the development of optical chemical sensors and biosensors.

  • FreshSens
  • Sens4FoodQ
  • OptiSens
  • Other sensor systems

To provide safer food in a real application, we have developed two products – FreshSens and Sens4FoodQ. In both cases, it is an optical chemical sensor designed to detect the freshness of raw unprocessed fish and chicken meat.

Reversible sensor system


Optical chemical sensor

FreshSens is a reversible sensor without a detection system. It can be used up to 10 times if the initial color of the sensor is yellow. Color change is a measure of meat freshness and is compared to the color scale which is part of the carrier on which the sensor is located.

Sens4FoodQ is a personalized sensor with a miniaturized system for meat freshness determination. The sensor system operates based on advanced optical functional nanosensory receptors. The results are evaluated using a mobile application.receptorjev.

We have developed OptiSens to provide a cleaner environment. It is an optical chemical sensor that allows detection of organophosphate compounds in the gas and liquid phases. Two versions of the instrument are possible, without or with optical fibers.

Other sensor systems
We also offer sensor systems for monitoring parameters such as: pH, O2, NH3, amines, biogenic amines, H2O2, heavy metals, temperature and phosphates.

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