Environmental Protection

We adapt the operation of the MBR to each potential customer, implement an individual approach according to needs and plan an optimized solution. We carry out the installation and start-up of the treatment plant for you, and at the same time we manage and maintain the treatment plant in the future as well.

In the field of environmental protection, we are working on research and in the direction of introducing application solutions into the industrial environment.

We connect with research institutions and industry partners, as well as important decision-makers and stakeholders in the field. We build individual solutions, the effectiveness of which is tested on a laboratory and semi-industrial scale before implementation, and then we propose and implement the solution in a real environment. We offer environmental monitoring, technical support and water purification tests on pilot plants on a laboratory scale.

Membrane MBR filtration

Advanced and efficient.

Clean water

Suitable for reuse.

Low costs

Operation and maintenance.

We are specialized to offer pilot plants for renewing special pollutants (heavy metals, endocrine inhibitors, phytopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical pesticides, etc, …).

In the field of environmental protection we practice scientific and professional approach and connect the acquired knowledge and years of expertise in ecology and engineering with emphasis on water/wastewater treatment. We provide environmental monitoring, analytical support and pilot-scale treatment experiments in addition to developing novel treatment procedures.

We operate several pilot-plants for anaerobic treatment, membrane filtration (ultra, nano and RO), membrane biological reactor (MBR), gas injection treatment, thermochemical conversion as well as oxidation processes (such as ozonation, H2O2/O3, TiO2/O3, H2O2/UV and ultrasound) used for the treatment of municipal, industrial wastewater and swimming or drinking water.

We also carry out preliminary studies on real water/wastewater, which are used as a basis for the preparation of detailed technical and final reports on the research as well as to design treatment plants. We consult in the field of water/wastewater treatment and water analysis. We implement both established and innovative procedures of wastewater treatment, as well as novel procedures analytics and sensory equipment. We design a new concept of a Modular-mobile membrane biological reactor for recycling of municipal wastewaters


Messer Group, Germany • Messer Iberica de Gases S.A.U., Spain • Goma-Camps stationery S.A.U., Spain • Karton Količevo, Slovenia • VIPAP Videm Krško d.d., Slovenia • NATRON – HAYAT, Bosnia and Herzegovina • RENI d.o.o., Slovenia • TÜV Süd Sava d.o.o., Slovenia • KIV d.d., Slovenia • Mikro+Polo d.o.o., Slovenia • Hach Lange, Slovenia • Kostak, Utilities Management and Civil Engineering, d.d., Slovenia • Snaga, Public company d.o.o., Slovenia • ROTREAT Abwasserreinigung GmbH, Austria • Wedeco Visa Water Technology GmbH, Austria • Kompetenznetzwerk Wasserressourcen GMBH, Austria • IEI, Institute for Ecological Engineering, Slovenia • ECHO, d.o.o., Slovenia • Joanneum institute, Austria • The Municipality of Solčava, Slovenia • Institute of Public Health Maribor, Slovenia • University of Maribor: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Agriculture and Biosystematic Sciences and Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Slovenia • University of Nova Gorica, Faculty of Environmental sciences, Slovenia

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