Pilot plant Resyntex

As part of the Resyntex project, we installed a DEMO pilot plant in 2019 at a dislocated location in Maribor.

Benefits from pilot plant:

Non-wearable textile waste can become a valuable source for new chemical feedstock.

Improve standards for efficient industrial symbioses with new business models in circular economy.

Resyntex DEMO PILOT PLANT is product of EU project Resyntex that ended in 2019 and is based in Maribor, Slovenia. Project included principles of circular economy through new waste collection paradigms. We are performing an optimization of recycling processes of textile waste (cotton, wool, PET, PA and mixtures). We are in the process of upgrading to recycling of plastic and paper packing. PET depolymerization of plastic and textile waste is ready to jump on the market while cellulose and PA recycling technology is still in the process of optimization.

DEMO pilot plant is meant for recycling textiles and plastic waste, and it contains two high-pressure and high-temperature reactors and another reactor for enigmatic decomposition, extruder and software for dose system for chemicals, crusher and so on.

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